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Restore Hope, Clarity, and Peace to your finances

Our Coaching Method

We take an approach to coaching that is highly relational. We walk with you, have hard conversations, guide you and provide tangible steps that help you stop the cycle of living paycheque to paycheque.

When people come to us for help they are often overwhelmed, scared, tired and have just had enough of feeling like they can never get ahead.

We help to restore Hope, Clarity, and Peace into clients finances. It is by walking together and taking simple, tangible steps by which we see people change their lives, gain financial freedom and change their financial family tree!

Why We're Different

Most of the "help" people find when looking to get their financial house in order comes in the form of offers to consolidate their loans... That means the people helping are selling debt products to replace the existing ones. It is in their best interest for you to STAY IN DEBT!

Bill Verbakel, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Family Finances Restored

Build Hope​​​​

Know the financial future you want and realize that you can actually achieve your financial goals.

Gain Clarity​​​​

So that you can put your dollars to work for you, instead of wondering where all your money went.

Have Peace​​​​

Knowing exactly what your next steps are, how to complete them and that you're not doing it alone.

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On-Going Support

Your dog’s training doesn't end with the Puppy or Reactivity Academy and neither does OUR support for YOU.  

We LOVE training and talking about dogs! Join our online communities to continue the conversation.

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" Honestly, I could not say enough wonderful things about Bill and his very positive techniques. His skill with our puppy and children was amazing. He has taught us so much and has helped to harness our lab's excitement and jumping.  "... more

Lily & Elisa

" Bill joined our kindergarten class for a virtual learning session... on how to speak "doggie."  Students learned when and how to play with a dog and when to leave a dog alone... I would highly recommend his presentation to other educators and families. "...more


" ... His techniques, knowledge and wisdom are not something you can simply Google...Our koda bear has grown tremendously since training with Bill and the lessons he's taught us have made us better to teach her! "... more

Koda & Melissa